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Skill Tree



  • Age: Unknown (assumed to be around 15)
  • Likes: Alfred, Pure Destruction
  • Dislikes: Sebastian, Pointless Destruction
  • Type: Unlockable Character

In the final days of Kournat's existance, numerous portals existed around the kingdom, gateways leading to another dimension where beligerent demons lived. A faction of the demons wanted to destroy Kournat and waged war against the suffering kingdom. However, an opposing faction of demons denounced the wonton violence and waged war against the demons that would destroy Kournat. Dio was a member of this faction.

When the war ended, the demons returned to their dimension and the portals were sealed. One day, Dio realized there was a weakening of the magic sealing off one of the portals and decided to go and investigate. This decision set him on the road to one day meeting the knights of the Grand Chase.

Special Abilities

AP Skills

Dio is one of the four characters who cannot use skills by charging MP with the Z button. His MP bar is replaced with an AP Bar which allows him to use special moves including Special attacks, Passive skills, or powerful attacks that chain with his basic combo. Dio can carry a total of 5 AP moves with him which are stored in the A, S, D, F, and G keys. Each skill has its own cooldown time, which keeps other players from spamming skills. AP generates over time and can be made faster by using the buffs in his skill tree.

  • While using Dio, the Taunt key is V and the Pet attack key is the Left Shift key.

Unlocking Dio

To unlock Dio, you must be able to access Silver Land by completing Kerrie Beach. To buy the obtainment mission, go to Shop, then click the Academy Tab. The mission will be on one of the pages as the "Worn-Out Dio Mission" or the "Dio Mission", depending on the currency you plan to use.

Worn-Out Dio Mission (Image:Gp.gif)

"Oh, how do I start. He is the most popular figure of the Underworld. Though he cannot return to his home. But should he return, are you ready to welcome him back?"

  • Cost: 30,000 Image:Gp.gif

Dio Mission (Image:Cash.gif)

"Oh, how do I start. He is the most popular figure of the Underworld. Though he cannot return to his home. But should he return, are you ready to welcome him back?"

  • Cost: 15,000 Image:Cash.gif
  • Gem - Acquire 1 Gem (0/1)


Attack: Low
Defense: Very High
Vitality: Neutral


  • Dio may have been the demon that attacked Sieghart 600 years ago,although many believe that the demon was either Kaze'aze, Thanatos, or even Duel.
  • The connection between Dio and Duel may be linked to the fact that Dio has a demon-like claw, while Duel has a hand exactly like a human's.
  • Dio is featured in the Hell Bridge dungeon
  • Dio may have also attacked Mari's kingdom
  • Dio is the first released AP character.
  • Dio's left hand is called a Rake Hand. He and/or his race may be well equipped with these Rake Hands and may possibly represent the said race.
  • According to Ley's profile, Dio is the chief of his demonic clan, the Burning Canyon Family.
  • In actuality, Dio sealed his own powers after Kounat's destruction and the end of the Demon Wars. As time progresses, his inner abilities begins to unseal themselves.
  • Dio mentioned in Relics of Kounat that he is pursuring "private interests." The Crimson River felt suspcious of the Burning Canyon's strange antiques and Ley's father ordered her to look for Dio within the human world in order to confirm and secure his alliegence.
  • In Italian, Dio means God.
  • Ironically, despite that Dio has low attack power, he hits extremely high.
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