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What are the GC Forums?

The Grand Chase forums are a series of forums connected directly to the North American Grand Chase. There are 5 forums in all, and are the following:

1. Grand Chase General Discussion: GC General Discussion is NOT to be confused with General Discussion. Here is the place to post about things that don't exactly tie with any of the other GC Forums. This does NOT include things such as characters yet to be released or completely random things such as "I had a cookie today" or "I burned my pizza". There is however, many informative threads to be found in this forum, namely warnings and rules that might come in handy. There is also a completely player created tournament thread in which you may sign up to participate in various player held events.

2.Fan Media: The Fan Media is a place where different artists and writers of the creative kind post their work, and get critiqued about it. It is home to all sorts of interesting fan pictures and fan fictions. Besides this, there are many "master" artists that would gladly help to create forum signatures for people that are lacking them. But keep in mind that the things created here are held within reasonable boundaries. Anything that is inappropriate or irrelevant will be moved to another section or deleted. Inside the Fan Media forum, there are many resources for artists to use, and libraries that carefully document fan fictions and fan art. A feature that was just recently added is an entirely fan made newsletter called the Unofficial GC Newsletter, which documents the major patch notes as well as undertakings of the player community.

3.Grand Chase Q&A: This forum, like its name, is a place where more experienced players answer the questions of others that are curious about something or do not know much about a certain subject. The forum works much like that of yahoo or wiki answers, except no points are given out if your answer is chosen. It is the newest of the GC Forums, and a valuable place to go to if your stuck on one part of the game. One piece of advice for any newcomers of the GC Q&A is to always scan the forums first to see if your question has already been answered or asked by someone else already. This saves much time, and also keeps people from getting angry at you.

4.Guild Lounge: The guild button has not yet been implemented in-game, and there shows no signs of it being implemented soon. However, this forum is provided solely for guilds. There is really no other kind of post tolerated here except for new guilds and people searching for guilds. The guild lounge itself is filled with many guilds, some big, some prestigious, some small, some exclusive, and all fighting for survival so to speak. Experienced members of the community have seen many guilds pop up only to fall back down in only 1 or 2 days. With that in mind, one must carefully read the stickied posts in the forum before starting their own guild. These posts are very informative, and you can tell clearly between those who took the time to read them and those who didn't.

5.Suggestions Lounge: The Suggestions forum is probably the one where most flame wars start, but is a great place to post in to hear new and fresh ideas. One thing that needs to be made clear is that fact that most suggestions will NOT be put into effect. There is just too many "minor things wrong" with the game that won't benefit anyone greatly to fix. Instead, one should think of things that would REALLY improve the game. This does not mean new characters (those belong in Fan Media) or selfish things like "I want cash, so I suggest you give me unlimited Ntreev Points". These posts are quickly shot down. Again, it is imperative to read the stickied posts to get more information on "What to Suggest and What Not to".

Link: Grand Chase Forums

Important Threads

Forum Rules

Grand Chase Community Guide

Ntreev Staff

PvP Exploitation

MUST READ! What to suggest and not to suggest...

What is a Guild?

Guilds are a group of people that often have similar interests. It can be created for PvP domination, grinding fun or artistic talents.

Where are they?

Currently Guilds can be found at the Guild Lounge, at the Grand Chase forums.

How do I join?

To join a guild you would have to review the guild thread located in the Guild Lounge and see if you meet the requirements and follow their instructions.

Guild Lounge Stickies

Guild Help Service


Guilds Info

1 How to make a guild? To make your own you guild, you need some things:

-Have a level 30 Main (Minimum level).

-100.000 GPs

-A name for your guild.

2 What a guild needs? The guild when you make it only has a name, to change its Logo, because it hasnt, you will need a: -File:Guild mark.jpg The guild mark changer will allow you to change the logo of your guild. Price in NaGC? Around 5000 Cash. Yes, an other thing that only cashers can have (xD).

-Dont you like the name of your guild? Easy. You can buy a File:Guild_name.jpg and change your name. Price? 4000 Cash.

This is how your stats bar will look after you join a guild:


Hope you liked it, lDSWlShadow

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