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Magician Alchemist Warlock Battle Mage
Skill Tree

Weapon: Staff

Obtained: Base Job (No Quest Required)

Level Obtained: 0


  • "Hey! Let's take it easy!"
  • "The Holy Light will lead us!"
  • "Aren't I cute? Hehehe"
  • "It was dangerous..."
  • "This is the end of the line for you!"
  • "Yahoo! I won!"


Magician Characteristics

Magicians freely cast offensive Black Magic and defensive White Magic spells. Enemies may laugh at their physical attacks, but tremble in fear when their MP is fully charged. A Magician's powerful magic includes spells that can wipe out enemies over a wide area; spells like Lightning Bolt and Reverse Gravity. Enemies that allow a Magician to charge their MP will realize just how powerful Arme’s magic is.

Mages mainly use magic to fight, have very few melee attacks, and are very vulnerable in close range.

Currently, Mages are very weak to arrows as they are the only class, besides archers themselves, to not have defense against arrows besides their magic shield, which can only withstand 1-2 arrows. Mage's skill tree currently gives them Arrow defense, but only for a certain amount of time.

Magician Skills


Arme is a basic Magician in battle.

Arme has a special ability known as "Meditation", to recover MP. Must be standing still and not being attacked.

Unlike all other characters, Arme always starts & respawns with 1.5 of the maximum MP. Whenever a magician starts combat, she instantly activates a magic shield, even if the magician does not have that skill prepared.

First character to have 2 sets of skills: Black Magic and White Magic.

Has a Magic Square (or Circle), which pushes targets back.

Knows Firebolt, which is a bolt made of Fire. This move can easily be repeated.

Her Earth Wave ability stuns opponents and gives a few invincible frames to the Magician, which can lead to a delay grab. It can be used to juggle certain opponents.

It is quite an uncommon ability that a character can obtain more than 6 skills. A Magician actually has 12 (if you buy all 6 cash skills).

Black Magic = 3, White Magic = 3, Cashed Black = 3, Cashed White = 3, Total = 12.

Black Magic

Lv.1 Skill - Stone Curse [ Preview ]

Magician’s 1st grade Black Magic spell that turns enemies into stone. In PvP, the victim is trapped but also invulnerable for the duration of petrification.

  • Has a wide range and attack strength, and therefore is favored by many Magicians.
  • Can be followed by other moves such as Earth Wave to create combo attacks.
  • Is very effective at countering enemy air attacks, and is useful when enemies attempt to jump towards Arme.(Dungeon)
  • Be warned that if an attack is being used against the caster, it will automatically stop the spell.
  • Pressing the left and right keys quickly and accurately will reduce the damage dealt by this spell. The more that said keys are pressed alternatively, the weaker the damage when the spell ends.

Lv.2 Skill - Lightning Bolt [ Preview ]

Mage’s 2nd grade Black Magic spell that shoots a long lightning bolt straight toward the user’s front. The bolt’s direction can be raised or lowered while it is cast, and the bolt reaches all the way to the other end of the screen.

  • It is very effective for maps designed in a straight line, and can be followed by other skills to create combo attacks.
  • Can be useful for holding down opponents in team games.
  • Note that the Lightning will hit you on a platform above or below near the Wand.
  • Depending on the range of Arme's lightning bolt, there is a possibility of countering. If the enemy are far enough from the caster, you can counter. However, the enemy cannot counter if he/she is too close to the caster.

Lv.3 Skill - Meteor [ Preview ]

Mage’s 3rd grade Black Magic spell that is considered the most powerful attack spell. It summons meteors with a full map range.

  • Meteor’s explosion spots are limited to the same height of the user. Lower enemies may not be effective if cast at the upper part of the map, and vice versa. Mages usually cast Meteor spells at the lowest part of the map, or at the same level as the majority of the enemies.
  • Meteor can't be dodged easily, except by using a skill or hiding at a lower elevation.

White Magic

Lv.1 Skill - Magic Shield [ Preview ]

Mage's 1st grade White Magic spell that casts a magic shield around the user. The magic shield disappears when it’s inflicted with a certain amount of damage, and its defense strength does not increase if the user’s level and defense strength are increased. Therefore, the shield can be broken by one hit if the attacker is high-leveled.

  • Magic Shields can protect its user from becoming frozen, and from getting killed from 5 hit combo attacks.
  • The shield’s true purpose is to provide an opportunity for the caster to counterattack, or evade enemy attacks after performing a skill with a long delay.
  • Arme automatically starts every game with a shield active.
  • Be warned that when using a skill, the user's shield can actually still be destroyed.
  • Magic Shield has a great amount of delay, so it can lead to grabs.
  • Should the user be attacked during casting, the spell will automatically cancel.

Lv.2 Skill - Reverse Gravity [ Preview ]

Mage's 2nd grade White Magic spell that enables the user to change the gravity and attack enemies by launching them high in the air, and then forcefully crashing them to the ground. This skill has a 100% success rate on enemies perpendicular to the user.

  • It is very useful against agile foes. Also useful against ranged foes(PVP)
  • Reverse Gravity lifts up targets into the air, stalling them. Activates with no delay.
  • Has infinite vertical range.
  • Useful against nearby targets, but they can run away from it before full activation.

Lv.3 Skill - Cure [ Preview ]

Mage's 3rd grade White Magic spell that enables the user to spin and move while shooting heart signs that will restore a decent amount of HP to allies within close range. This skill’s effect is not affected by the user’s level and stats, unlike Combat Alchemist's Cure.

  • Activates with no delay.
  • Skill has a set path of healing vitality. (?)
  • Recommended this skill is used on targets that have a vitality of less than 200.
  • Cure does not affect the user.

Black Magic (Cash)

Lv.1 Cash Skill - Dark Cloud [ Preview ]

Immediately damages a target, and then continues to inflict damage for this skill's duration each time the opponent's attack key is pressed.

  • Shoots 3 Bolts which flow in a zigzag line. Bolts move slowly.
  • Causes Cursing if the target is hit.

Lv.2 Cash Skill - Home of Darkness [ Preview ]

Confuses its target upon casting. The target's right and left keys are temporarily switched if this skill is successful.

  • Shoots a large ghastly, evil-looking Skull which also moves in a zigzag line. Moves quite quickly.
  • Causes Confusion if hit.
  • Has near infinite horizontal range

Lv.3 Cash Skill - Fire Storm [ Preview ]

Strikes the ground to make lava pillars gush out from your left and right sides to inflict damage on a target.

  • This skill does the most damage out of all level 3 skills on one target, despite being used by a 1st job character.
  • Fire Storm cannot be countered.

White Magic (Cash)

Lv.1 Cash Skill - Shining Arrow [ Preview ]

Shoot a powerful light arrow at a target.

  • It will only strike the target once with an arrow.
  • It shoots in a straight line.

Lv.2 Cash Skill - Athena's Sword [ Preview ]

Doubles normal damage of the whole party for 30 seconds.

  • Due to its infinite range, this skill is extremely lethal.
  • It was banned from the recent Grand Chase World Tournament.

Lv.3 Cash Skill - Boost Heal [ Preview ]

Increases the HP restoration speed of the entire party for a set duration.

  • HP regeneration speed is 3x of normal HP regeneration for 30 seconds.

Guide - Magician

No guides are available at the moment.

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