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Daily Quest menu

Daily Quest is a reward system that lets you complete various quests offered and receive prizes for completing them. Daily Quest was introduced in Pangya Challenges, but the concept was initially established for Arin's Birthday 2012 Event.

Daily Quest menu can be accessed by clicking on the icon at the main menu screen.


System details

Each day, you will receive 3 Daily Quests that you can accept to do. Each quest has a condition listed in order to complete it. When you accept the 3 quests, you will have unlimited time to complete the quests. If you do not wish to complete a set of quests assigned, you can give up on them. You can not receive any new quests while you have at least one quest accepted already.

Upon completion of a Daily Quest, you can receive an reward for it.

For every 10 quests completed, you can receive the Daily Quest Box. The Daily Quest Box contains various items inside. The Daily Quest Box will appear in your room upon receiving and the Daily Quest Box bar will reset back to zero. Note that if the Daily Quest Box bar is already filled up, any additional Daily Quests done will not count towards the bar until the Daily Quest Box is accepted.

Note that for any quest, Single Player Mode will not counts toward the quest.

Quest explanations

To complete a quest, you must follow the condition as noted. Below is a table that outlines the possible quests and what must be done to clear the quest.

Quest Explanation Other details
Play (X) Holes Play the number of holes specified.
Hit (X) Pangya Shots Hit the number of Pangya shots specified.
Make (X) Pars Make the number of Pars specified.
Make (X) Birdies Make the number of Birdies specified.
Make (X) Eagles Make the number of Eagles specified.
Make (X) Albatross Make the number of Albatross specified.
Make (X) HIO Make the number of HIOs specified.
Make (X) Long Putt from (Y) Yards or more Make the number of Long Putts from the distance specified.
  • Long Putt must be the first putt made for the hole.
  • Cannot be Over Par.
Score (X) or Better Have a score of (X) or better at the end of the game.
Earn Over (X) Pang Earn over (X) Pang at the end of the game.
  • Must be earned from the entire game.
Play (X) Tournament Games in (Course) Play 18-hole tournament games at the specified course (X) number of times.
  • Must be an 18-hole game. 9-hole does not count.
  • Short Game is valid for this quest.
  • Grand Prix is not valid for this quest.
Play (X) Match Games in (Course) Play Match versus games at the specified course (X) number of times.
  • Game must be cleared. Game finishing early as a result of a player exiting does not count.
Play (X) Stroke VS Games in (Course) Play Stroke versus games at the specified course (X) number of times.
  • Game must be cleared. Game finishing early as a result of a player exiting does not count.
Earn (X) Pang Coins Earn the number of Pang Coins specified.
  • Cannot be earned from Wiz City's greens.
Earn (X) Spinning Cubes Earn the number of Spinning Cubes specified.


Main article: List of Daily Quest rewards

Each Daily Quest has a fixed reward that can be received upon clearing the quest by clicking on the blinking gift icon at the right of it. The item received is immediately delivered to your room.

Daily Quest Box

File:Daily Quest Box icon.png
Name Daily Quest Box
Item type Passive Item
Level requirement File:Rookie F.png or above
A gift box you can receive every time you clear 10 Daily Quests.
- You can get 1 random gift.

The Daily Quest Box is only received after completing 10 Daily Quests. You can receive one of the items (at random) listed below when you open a box. The item received will appear in your mailbox.

Daily Quest Box Items
Passive Items File:Fragment_of_Time_(Spring)_icon.png
Fragment of Time (Spring) x1
Fragment of Time (Summer) x1
Fragment of Time (Fall) x1
Fragment of Time (Winter) x1
Air Note x100
Comet Refill Pack x5
Card Tickets File:Silver_Card_Ticket_icon.png
Silver Card Ticket x3
Gold Card Ticket x3
Mascots File:Billy_icon.png
Billy (1 day)
Puff (1 day)
Cocoa (1 day)
Miscellaneous File:Pang_Pouch_icon.png
30,000 Pang Pouch
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