Elemental Club Set

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The Elemental Club Set has captured the four elemental spirits. Only the most skillful Pangya Players can keep the spirits under control.
Level Requirement Rookie F or above
Where to Obtain
Club Workshop (default)
Type Power
Rank A
Level 4
S-rank Bonus Stat Power
Stat Slot Club Notation
Power 7 10 7/17
Control 7 5 7/12
Accuracy 5 8 5/13
Spin 2 3 2/5
Curve 2 4 2/6


  • This club set displays a special unique Pangya logo.
  • Different visual effects are shown for each type of club.
  • Each type of club features a different element:
    • Woods feature the wind element.
    • Irons feature the fire element.
    • Wedges feature the water element.
    • Putters feature the earth element.
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