Elemental Club Set

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File:Elemental Club Set icon.png
Name Elemental Club Set
Item type Club Set
Level requirement File:Rookie F.png or above
The Elemental Club Set has captured the four elemental spirits. Only the most skillful Pangya Players can keep the spirits under control.

Item information

Obtain information
Where to obtain
Club Workshop details (default)
Type Power
Rank A
Level 4
S-rank Bonus Stat Power
Stats (default)
Base Stat Total Slot
Power 7 17
Control 7 12
Accuracy 5 13
Spin 2 5
Curve 2 6

Item details

  • This club set displays a special unique Pangya logo.
  • Different visual effects are shown for each type of club.
  • Each type of club features a different element:
    • Woods feature the wind element.
    • Irons feature the fire element.
    • Wedges feature the water element.
    • Putters feature the earth element.
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