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The boy you see walking into the sunset is the most powerful of the Rue Clan, and the most cursed. The Rue clan is Infamous for their excellent swordsmanship and dreadful dark magic. The boy travels with a cloud of evil around him. Everything he touches seems to swirl in his uneasy dark aura.

His name is Kaz. He is the successor of an Evil Lord who was been sealed by the ancient Pangya heroes.

However, there is sadness in his eyes. The boy doesn't remember anything from his past. As he walks, a sad spirit holds him gently. The spirit is called Karen, she loved Kaz in life. She always looked out for him. She gave up her life to make sure that Kaz would not become the next Evil Lord. Sadly, Kaz has no recollection of her sacrifice or these events.

The Pangya Tournament is calling to him, perhaps he will find his past once more!


Clothing Letter Code (KZ)
Price 10,000 Pang
Age 18
Birthday December 31
Career 12 years of fencing, 3 months of Pangya
Hobbies Knife Play, Fencing, Meditation
Specialties All
Power 12
Control 11
Accuracy 8
Spin 3
Curve 3
Alternate names
Korea 카즈 (Kaz)
Japan カズ (Kaz)
Thailand แคซ (Kaz)
Europe Kaz
Wii Kaz

Character Mastery Slot Expansion
File:CM_Spin_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Spin_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Power_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Curve_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Control_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Power_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Curve_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Spin_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Curve_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Control_Slot_fill.png



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