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Nell was born from Demon King’s heart. Nell was raised by Cadie, the greatest witch of the Pangya Island, and is completely unaware of this dark past. Perhaps the mysterious power Nell displays is something that belongs to the Demon King? Maybe an inception from Cadie?


Clothing Letter Code (NL)
Price 10,000 Pang
Age Unknown
Birthday August 16
Career 1 year of golf
Hobbies Spending time with Pepper
Specialties Learning new things
Power 12
Control 11
Accuracy 7
Spin 3
Curve 2
Alternate names
Korea 넬 (Nell)
Japan ネル (Nell)
Thailand เนล (Nell)
Europe Nell
Wii -

Character Mastery Slot Expansion
File:CM_Spin_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Control_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Control_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Power_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Curve_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Curve_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Power_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Spin_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Curve_Slot_fill.pngFile:CM slot arrow.pngFile:CM_Control_Slot_fill.png



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