Soul Reaper Set

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File:Soul Reaper Set icon.png
Name Soul Reaper Set
Item type Club Set
Level requirement or above
Originally created for a mysterious hooded figure; this set only seems threatening. In the hands of a skilled player this club set is extremely useful! Don't let the haunted Pangya cry distract you!

Item information

Obtain information
Where to obtain
Pangya Shop price


Club Workshop details (default)
Type Power
Rank B
Level 5
S-rank Bonus Stat Power
Stats (default)
Base Stat Total Slot
Power 9 16
Control 6 12
Accuracy 6 12
Spin 4 6
Curve 1 3

Item details

  • This club set displays a special unique Pangya logo.
  • On normal Pangya shots, organ music is heard.

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